Soluciones 506

Personalized employee transport, reducing costs and simplifying processes

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Our companies

Soluciones 506 provides a personalized employee transportation service supporting companies in the transfer of their employees, from and to their workplaces, generating high added value, reducing costs and simplifying processes.
In this way, companies can focus on the central axis of their business.

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Send everything to everyone! delivery mobile app in Costa Rica.
Available on Android and IOS.

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Ankids is oriented to provide the family with support for the successful and happy training of children, reaching far beyond the pedagogical..

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Official distributor of high-end Italian motorcycles in Costa Rica
Vespa Aprilia Moto Guzzi PIaggio Apè
Original spare parts and specialized service workshop.

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In BPO506 we have highly trained personnel !

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Centro Comercial La Quinta, local No.1, contiguo a Jardines del Recuerdo,
Lagunilla, Heredia. Costa Rica.